Experiments, Alton Brown style

Sometimes I get extra adventurous in the kitchen and take on head-scratching ideas like combining entirely different recipes (think big crumb + streusel cake). Typically the result is one extreme or the other: Either slap-yo-momma good or dump-it-in-the-trash awful. Despite my lack of any professional training, I’ve been trying these kinds of wtf bold experiments for many years. And each time, my initial thought is “this will be soooooo good,” and then I go to work.

“Failures” were very upsetting. I had always expected my hybrid recipes not only to work, but to be excellent, even Michelin-star worthy. Haha, yeah, right. I’ve since come to face reality. (Even the greats admit when something’s gone awry with their published, best-selling works.) Though I still strive for delicious results, these days it’s about the process, too. The trial and error help inform what I do later. As my husband likes to say, “it’s all information.”

He’s right. So that’s what Time To Nosh is all about: Experimenting. Finding what my family and I feel are the best twists on popular recipes, and experimenting with my own creations. So let’s get to experimenting, so we can nosh on the good ones, and let’s face it, even the “failures,” too.

Note: The link above is not a dig at Alton Brown. I love that guy! Had a total fan-girl moment at his NYC book signing and talk for his latest, excellent book, “EveryDay Cook,” which you should buy! I’ve already made the oat banana bread, little brown biscuits, and the Dr. Who-inspired fish sticks and custard. Yum!



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