Avocado toast, passé or here to stay?

You’ve probably heard a lot lately about the demise of the great avocado toast, which for years has been a preferred breakfast of everyone from models to actors, moms to kids, and basically everyone in between.

It’s not cool any more. It’s so passé, they say, and they’re probably right. Avocado toast skyrocketed to fame on Instagram a few years ago, and suddenly it was a top seller at restaurant brunches, and home cooks added it to their breakfast lineup. And why not? It took only a couple high-quality ingredients and nearly no effort. And it’s delicious and semi-healthful. Then came all the iterations: Poached egg, bacon, salad, olive oil and red pepper flakes. Still yummy, IG-able, and comforting.

But it’s a fact that nothing that flies that high can stay on top for very long. And as expected, those same IG influencers who helped make it ubiquitous are now stepping away from it and looking for the next big thing. It’s been done to death, they say. Yup. It was a fad, time to move on. No way, I say. Does the fact that it ostensibly began as a fad make it any less delicious? And when you think about it, don’t most new things begin as a fad?

So let it be what it’s evolved to – a staple. It doesn’t have to be sexy and shiny and new to be enjoyed. It just has to be good. Think about it. When biscuits first came about, surely people ate them nearly as fast as cooks could make them, scalding the roof of their mouths trying to get a taste. And now what is it? A staple. I still eat avocado toast at least once or twice a week, and I have no shame. And neither does Hugh Jackman, it seems. I’m with you, mate.



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