My big fat Greek dinner

We had the best Greek dinner last night. Grilled lemon and oregano chicken with spinach-onion orzo, homemade tzatziki sauce, Greek salad with homemade dressing, sheep’s milk feta, and pitas. Everything was delicious.

I was especially excited about my tzatziki, my first successful batch. After years of making nearly inedible versions, I had an epiphany. I finally realized it’s the one dish in which less garlic is actually better. Yes, less garlic. We love garlic around here, but both of us find that too much of it raw is just unpalatable. So I halved the amount in the recipe and decided to sauté it for a couple minutes before adding it to the cucumber-yogurt mixture. We practically ate it by the spoonful. So good.

After dinner I got started on our Greek dessert, loukoumades, which I discovered yesterday are small fried doughnuts that traditionally are served covered in a honey-sugar syrup with walnuts. I made a batch using the Danish pastry I had made a couple days ago (why make another dough, I say). They fried up beautifully, light, flaky, and airy. I made an apricot-lemon-cinnamon sauce with pistachios instead of the traditional one. My husband devoured 8 before he realized it. Success!




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