I ate so much fish & chips in London

I was lucky enough to tag along on my husband’s work trip to London last week, and it was by far the funnest time I’ve had in London ever. Since I was usually flying solo during the day, I got to do and eat what I wanted, on my schedule. And one of the things I did a lot was eat fish and chips. Ahem. Three times.

I couldn’t resist. Something about their fish somehow draws me in like a moth to flame. It has a certain je ne sais quoi that US versions don’t. Maybe it’s that they fry entire fillets instead of pieces. Don’t know. Whatever the case it was absolutely delicious each time.

Stop 1 was at the Harrod’s. Though this was my fourth trip to London and my fourth Harrod’s visit, last week was my first time eating at the famous store. It was worth the wait. I got the halibut with chips, steamed veggies, and a glass of a crisp and fruity chablis. The perfect British lunch.

Stop 2 was the famous Poppies, also my first time there. The Shoreditch location – love this district, btw! – we visited had a total retro vibe – the jukebox played everything from Little Richard to Frank Sinatra. Odd, considering we were in the UK. Lots of chotchke and celebrity photos all over the walls. Loved the vibe, and loved the food even more.

Stop 3 was Fish Kitchen at the spectacular Borough Market. I live in the NYC area, which is home to several great markets, but none of them compare to London’s Borough Market. It features practically every international cuisine under the sun, plus a ton of fresh produce, meats, flowers, countless cheese shops, honey, lots of bread, and more. It goes on and on. Just when I thought I’d come to the end of the market, I’d make another turn, and the adventure continued. STELLAR market. After already having fish and chips twice at this point, I at least attempted to try something slightly different this time by ordering the plaice and chips. Sadly they were out of the plaice that day, so I ended up with a giant piece of cod or haddock again. Delicious.

All of them were excellent actually. My one complaint – and it’s minor – is that they were all under seasoned, even after adding malt vinegar or tartar sauce. I had to go pretty heavy-handed with salt all three times. Other than that, they were perfection.



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