I ate so much fish & chips in London

I was lucky enough to tag along on my husband’s work trip to London last week. So much fun. And since I was usually flying solo during the day, I got to eat what I wanted. And one of the things I ate a lot was fish and chips. Ahem. Three times.

Glorious Greek doughnuts aka loukoumades

I’m learning that global cuisines have a lot common. We all seem to like fried dough. Here in the US we have doughnuts. Italy’s version is zeppole. Greece has loukoumades…

Chocolate chunk scones for high tea

How great is high tea? I love to sit down and catch up with friends and make a meal out of what is a bunch of tapas, British style. I love the whole small bites concept, regardless of cuisine. And I can’t wait to try new teas.

When life gives you apples…

When the recipe says use a tube pan, please use a tube pan. I learned the hard way that you can’t sub in a cake pan and expect to get it out. Sigh. Despite its ugliness – which is my fault, NOT the recipe’s – this cake if DELICIOUS.

Moroccan meatballs & couscous

This recipe requires approximately 83,956 ingredients, but they are worth it. I feel like I pulled half my spices out of the pantry to make this meal, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. It’s that good.

My big fat Greek dinner

I was especially excited about my tzatziki, my first successful batch. After years of making nearly inedible versions, I finally realized it’s the one dish in which less garlic is actually better. Yes, less garlic.

All-beef mini meatloaves

This hits all the marks. It’s all-beef (✓), includes aromatics that are finely processed and sautéed first to prevent the dreaded veggie crunch (✓), and has nary a drop of bottled ketchup in sight (✓)! Kismet, right? And, she paired it with brown butter buttermilk mashed potatoes. I mean COME ON! It’s perfection.

Best toasting bread ever

This stuff is so good, if you’re like me you’ll want to eat it with all three meals and snacks. And it’s versatile enough to do that. It’s delicious with preserves or homemade lemon curd for breakfast, excellent for a sandwich at lunch, and perfect to sop up soup or bolognese at dinner.

White lasagna with mushrooms

This lasagna is unlike any other I’ve cooked in that it has not an ounce of tomato sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, or meat. It has really three elements: pasta, béchamel, and mushrooms. That’s it. And despite the béchamel, it somehow manages to be simultaneously light yet rich.

(Semi-) Meatless Monday dinner: Shrimp burgers

When my husband and I were dating, I noticed right away that he was a carnivore to the core. Not me. I’m semi-vegetarian. We’ve been doing Meatless Monday for years, but seafood is allowed; it was the only way he’d agree to it.

Perfecting the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie

For about five years, I’ve been perfecting my oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe and finally landed on my version of perfection last year. Then I had the nerve to try a new recipe. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF? Why couldn’t I leave well enough alone? It’s King Arthur Flour’s fault.